Two years on from when the tantalising visual delight The Grand Budapest Hotel first hit the big screen mesmerising viewers, Wes Anderson is back. Anderson has made his return onto the small screen with this heart-warming festive short for the Swedish retail powerhouse, H&M.


In recent years Christmas adverts have come to be of pivotal importance, attracting a huge amount of public anticipation and can often have a huge effect on sales. This has brought with it a demand for distinctive and individualist adverts sending corporations advertising and marketing teams into a frenzy leading up to the holiday season. This year John Lewis introduced us to Buster the Boxer and Aldi presented Kevin the Carrot, which was a clever parody of the well-known Christmas movie series, Home Alone. Whilst big names have made appearances in Christmas adverts before, H&M have upped their game by bagging the visionary Wes Anderson to direct the talented Adrian Brody in this year’s festive advert. Anderson is known for his unique and stylish approach to filmography changing the landscape of the film industry and pushing artistic boundaries. Yet, the film industry is not the only industry to be profoundly affected by Anderson’s distinctive style, it has also had a significant impact upon the fashion industry. It therefore makes perfect sense that Anderson was chosen to direct the Christmas advert for this leading fashion brand. Well-known cinematographic techniques used by the director and his traditional use of a limited colour palette perfectly complements the fabulous festive attire on display. The artistic approach does not undermine the touching Christmas message, “Come together”, implying that even when all does not go to plan we must ensure that no one should have to spend the holidays alone. Overall, Come Together is by far one of the most original and touching Christmas adverts to grace the small screen this holiday season.



Photo Credit – H&M, Dazed Digital 

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