Well hello there! My name is Emily! I’m a 21-year-old University of Durham Law Graduate. I’m originally from a small (actually quite large) town in the North West of England, Warrington, which can be found slap bang in the middle of two of the greatest cities in the North, Liverpool and Manchester. When I’ve not got my nose in a hideously long textbook, I’m likely to have it in a copy of the latest Vogue, or busy getting square eyes from the TV/cinema/my laptop/phone. And when I’m not being a hermit I can be found exploring and soaking up all the culture the British Isles (and beyond) has to offer.

Now that’s enough about me, lets get onto this blogging malarkey. I have never blogged before, I have always wanted to start a blog so I thought I’ve got nothing to lose and there’s no time like the present, so, as Shia would say ‘Just do it’. I’m very excited to immerse myself in this online world and see what it has to offer. What an interesting name, I hear you say. Well, my names (‘Smiling’s my Favourite’) origins is found in my favourite Christmas film, Will Ferral’s ‘Elf’. It is a quote from the scene were Buddy the Elf, after ‘passing through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest’ finally arrives in the Big Apple and engages in his first interaction with a miserable New Yorker. This particular native can’t help but notice Buddy’s constant smile and being the miserable New Yorker he is, Buddy’s new acquaintance has to pass comment on his constant state of glee, to which Buddy replies “I just like to smile, smiling’s my favourite”. And, alas the source of my name is revealed.

As to the content of my blog, well my two primary focuses are going to be on fashion and my recent travels. However, I will not be limiting my posts I will also be posting on beauty, culture (including art, theatre, cinema and my favourite kind of culture, Pop Culture! Yes, I’m a fan of the Kardashians, please don’t judge!) and occasionally my thoughts on current affairs and issues.

I am obsessed with the fashion industry and high-end brands, but as I am only a poor student I am not luckily enough to own a piece from any of the luxurious brands I will be discussing and so I will be looking into the fashion world as a fly on the wall if you will. You will come to learn that I am a Gucci Girl and would sell my soul for an Alessandro Michele piece. I am in awe of anything and everything Michele. I will also be sharing my thoughts on what the current retail market has to offer and will occasionally share some snaps of items from my very own, not so Gucci (*cries again*), wardrobe.

As well as being a Law graduate, I think its safe to say I am a professional jaunter, especially after this three-month Summer break in which I’ve spent well over a month and a half out of my hometown. I love exploring new places and returning to places I’ve already conquered as I uncover new gems each time around. My love for jaunting will be evident throughout this blog, and I will often write about my recent adventures.